Choreography by Benvindo Fonseca

Season 2011 Programme, premiered at May 14, 2011, in the Almada Municipal Theatre.


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Inspired by traditional Portuguese music, this creation is based on the diversity of national culture.

"... I needed to dance from my Portuguese roots, and so was born «Casa do Rio» (river house)..., from my desire to stylize traditional Portuguese dance. There are influences from pauliteiros, (specific dance from Northern Portugal), chula, the corridinho from the Algarve, the fandango and traditional dance styles from the Minho region of Portugal..."Benvindo Fonseca


This ballet, a posthumous tribute to Francisco Ribeiro, from the portuguese music group Madredeus, is part of a trilogy alluding to the roots of the choreographer. It comprises the "Edzer" (Africa), "Casa do Rio" (Portugal) and a third ballet, "Muito Chão" (India). All parts have in common ethnic music and a constant search for home. With the trilogy, Benvindo Fonseca celebrates 30 years of career.


About the author

Benvindo Fonseca studied at the Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa, Escola da Fundação Gulbenkian and in New York, London and Paris.

He has danced with Grupo Sétima Posição as soloist in the Dance Company of Lisbon, and as soloist with the Gulbenkian Ballet where he held the position as lead dancer, working with Mats Ek, Jiri Kylian, Hans Van Manem, Orad Naharin, Itzik Galili, Vasco Wellenkamp, Olga Roriz, Paul Taylor, Christopher Bruce, Nacho Duato and others.

He co-founded and was Artistic Director / Choreographer of Lisboa Ballet Contemporâneo choreographing "Uma Noite com Ella Fitzgerald", "Callas", "Mermúrio", "Onigen", "Casa de Bernarda Alba" and "Mar" with music performed live by Madredeus. Benvindo also has choreographed performances for the Teatro D. Maria II, "O Bando" and Teatro Experimental do Porto.

Has choreographed for the Ballet Gulbenkian, Companhia de Bailado Contemporâneo, Companhia de Dança de Almada, Companhia de Dança de Évora, for the Conservatório Nacional, Escola Superior de Dança, Academia de Dança Clássica Pirmin Treku, Stadttheater Hildesheim and Berlin Opera, (Germany), and Compañía Úrsula López. Highlights include dancing solo accompanying acclaimed pianist Maria João Pires performing Tchaikovsky's "Arabian Dance" and the pas de deux to the Fado song "Povo que lavas no rio" live in the presence of Amalia Rodrigues. (Lisbon, 1997). He also choreographed "Romeu e Julieta" (2013).

He's participated in International Galas in São Pantaleo, Madrid, Seville and Miami. His ballets have been performed in Spain, Italy, Germany, the U.S.A, Cuba, Brasil, Greece, Poland, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Mexico. He regularly participates in the Iberian Contemporary Festival, (Querétaro), Mexico.

Among his many awards the following stand out: Youth Creativity with the UN (1993); being made a goodwill ambassador of that institution, (honorary); career achievement award presented by the Associação Primo-Canto (2002); career achievement award presented by the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras and Revista Dança (2009); award for the choreographic project "Ciranda", presented by the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras (2010). He was honoured in the Gala de Estrellas, (Santo Domingo), Dominican Republic (2012) and upon the occasion of celebrating 30 years of his career during the Quinzena de Dança de Almada, completing the last piece of his trilogy - "Edzer", "Casa do Rio", and "Muito Chão" (2013).


Artistic overview

Choreography: Benvindo Fonseca
Music: Francisco Ribeiro, Danças Ocultas, Galandum Galundaina, Teresa Salgueiro, Arvo Part
Costumes: Hobbes Góbiras
Scenery: "Vox Populi", Paula Rousseau
Lighting Design: Paulo Graça
Sound: José Pacheco
Performers (original cast): Beatriz Rousseau, Carla Jordão, Débora Queiroz, Daniela Andana, Luciano Fialho, Lucinda Saragga, Luís Malaquias, Nuno Gomes, Sofia Silva
Choreographic assistant: Maria João Lopes
Scenery construction: Camilo António Brazona, Deodata Saião



Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria, Portugal, June 5, 2015

Forum Cultural José Manuel Figueiredo, Moita, February 28, 2015

Inside-Out Theatre, Beijing - China, november 14, 2014

DaGuan Theatre, Xangai - China, november 6 and 7, 2014

SongCheng Theatre, Hangzhou - China, october 31, 2014

Teatro Metrópole, Taubaté - Brazil, November 22 and 23, 2013

Teatro Sesi, Goiânia - Brazil, November 16, 2013

Forum Municipal Luísa Todi, Setúbal - Portugal, June 1, 2013

Centrum Sztuki Mościce - Dance Theatre Festival Open Stage, Tarnów - Poland, October 27, 2012

Auditório Fernando Lopes-Graça, Cascais - Portugal, July 6 and 7, 2012

Teatro de Vila Real, Vila Real - Portugal, July 8, 2012

Cine-Teatro Municipal de Castro Verde, Castro Verde - Portugal, May 4, 2012

Auditório Municipal do Seixal, Seixal - Portugal, November 26, 2011

Centro Cultural Malaposta, Odivelas - Portugal, November 5 and 6, 2011

Teatro Municipal de Bragança, Bragança - Portugal, October 21, 2011

Palco Principal da Festa do Avante, Amora - Portugal, September 3, 2011

Cine-Teatro Avenida, Castelo Branco - Portugal, May 20, 2011

Teatro Municipal de Almada, Almada - Portugal, May 15, 2011


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Casa do Rio foto 14 © Carlos Arroja




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