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ShortCut (2023)

Inês Carvalho, in Springback Magazine, 27 October 2023

"An entertaining cinematic choreography inspired by the words of Portuguese writer Gonçalo M. Tavares. (...) controlled legwork, extended torsos and rooted pliés indicative of Pedruco’s classical background. A little glimpse of breakdance juices up the choreography (...) As the piece comes to an end, a sense of depth starts to emerge. (...) a story that holds many stories, layered with time traversing the ups and downs of personal and interpersonal relationships. A puzzling, filmic choreography that resonates with Tavares’s words: ‘Don’t think, see. And see, don’t think. But see what’s shown and all the rest." | Full article: link, pdf



Muito Chão (2013)


Vera Amorim, in Dance Europe, december 2013

"(...) Recognised for his exquisite musicality and delightful quality of movement, he [Benvindo Fonseca] did not disappoint and applied all his experience to this choreography, which was performed by the Companhia de Dança de Almada, who gave a powerful and very honest performance." | Full article: pdf


Álvaro Teixeira, in Psicanálises, october 2013

"There were moments, (Elgar, it should be noted, is not on the list of "my" 20 greatest composers, and Purcell, ditto), when I felt like closing my eyes. And yet Benvindo managed to capture the public's attention due to the contrast between the power of music and the playful, almost ridiculous, movement of the dancer. It reminded me of the mocking irony in some of the allegretos from Shostakovich's symphonies ... (...) The company, at its own performance level demonstrated an amazing technical and interpretive skill. So I'm grateful for what they do and I encourage them never to stop, (and not to let anyone else stop them)." | Full article: link, pdf


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